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Wasp Services & Pricing

(Commercial and Residential Services Available)

Wasp Control Procedure:

  • We will come out and visually inspect the area in which wasp activity is occurring, provide an estimate for treatment, treat the wasp nest, and remove it when possible. Treatment pricing starts at $150.
  • We use Cypermethrin or Pyrethin to treat wasp nesting areas. Cypermethrin or Pyrethin can possibly be harmful if they come into contact with skin, are ingested, or are inhaled.

Wasp Prevention:

  • Help prevent recurrence by keeping eaves and gutters clean. Wasps have been known to make their homes around eaves & in gutters. Dirty gutters provide a dark, moist and safe place for them to nest & also attract other insects that they eat.
  • Develop a plan with an MDE Pest Services professional to prevent and manage future wasp issues.

Wasp Identification & Issues


  • Common wasps found in South Carolina include paper wasps, yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets, and mud daubers.
  • Wasps like to hide around eaves of homes, under decks, on lawn furniture, and in light fixtures.
  • Wasp stings have been known to cause death.
  • If you believe you have a wasp nest that needs attention, please have a certified pest control professional inspect your property.

Damage to Health or Property:

  • While wasps do not cause property damage, the toxic venom from their sting can be lethal to those who are allergic. It is important to eliminate the presence of wasps especially if you, your family members, or your guests are allergic. Many people don’t realize they are allergic until they are stung.
  • Symptoms may include swelling, hives, difficulty breathing, a racing heartbeat, fainting, and throat blockage. Severe cases are fatal; a victim in anaphylactic shock must be treated immediately.

Information & Resources from Clemson University:

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