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Mosquito Services & Pricing

(Residential Only – No Commercial Treatments Available)

Mosquito Control Procedure:

  • We will visually inspect the infested area (outside only) to check for problem areas around foliage and standing water, provide a free estimate for the treatment, and apply the treatment.
  • We will alert you to zones of your yard that may be at risk and advise on ways to reduce the problem areas.
  • For treatment, we use a fogger to fog shrubbery and apply a larvicide granule on the ground. We use chemicals approved by the state of South Carolina. These chemicals can possibly be harmful if they come into contact with skin, are ingested, or are inhaled.
  • The time it takes to complete the process and the cost of the treatment varies. These figures depend on the size of the treated areas and the extent of the infestation.

Mosquito Prevention:

The best way to prevent future issues is to reduce standing water & schedule regular visits from a pest control professional. It’s best to take advantage of our monthly treatment plan during the spring and summer months. Develop a plan with an MDE Pest Services professional to prevent and manage future mosquito issues.

Mosquitoes Identification & Issues


Mosquitoes are found in and around shrubbery, damp areas, and standing water. They are generally only a problem pest in the spring and summer months.

Harm to Health or Property:

Mosquitoes can carry some nasty diseases like West Nile virus and malaria. These disease are serious and (even in the United States) are sometimes fatal. Besides that, itchy bites are just plain annoying!

Information & Resources from Clemson University:

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