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Flea Services & Pricing

(Commercial and Residential Services Available)

Flea Control Procedure:

  • We will provide a visual inspection, treat, and vacuum the infested area. The treatment normally lasts from 1-2 hours and occurs both inside and outside. The cost for treatment starts at $150 and varies depending on the size of the location.
  • Fleas can lay eggs that may take months to hatch. The flea life cycle makes treating the infested area complicated. Sometimes it takes up to 3 treatments to completely eliminate fleas.
  • We use Pyrethin and growth regulators to control flea infestations. Pyrethin can possibly be harmful if it comes into contact with skin, is ingested, or is inhaled.

In Preparation for the Treatment:

  • Vacuum all rugs, carpets and furniture – especially between and under cushions. Then, seal and dispose of the vacuum bag in an outside receptacle.
  • Clear and clean all floors, even closets. Mop all tile and vinyl floors. Sweep all concrete floors.
  • Remove all decorative items, pillows, pet food, water dishes and children’s toys – be sure to check for items under beds and furniture.
  • Remove all pets. Fish bowls and aquariums may remain if properly covered and the air pump is shut off during treatment. Ask your pest control professional for specific directions.
  • Wash or dispose of all pet bedding. If laundering, wash pet bedding separately from other linens.
  • Mow your lawn and make sure everything on the ground outside has been removed.
  • Show your pest control professional where your pets sleep, rest and eat.
  • Prepare to leave the premises during treatment.
  • Have furry pets dipped and/or use a monthly topical flea and tick preventative (Examples: Frontline or Advantix).

After the Treatment:

  • Follow the specific instructions of your pest control professional to find out when you can return to your home.
  • Give the insecticide time to work, wait to resume normal vacuuming 24 hours after your home has been treated.
  • Continue vacuuming for 2-3 weeks at intervals of 3-4 days. The vacuum’s mechanical pressure will improve the effectiveness of the insecticide by stimulating unhatched fleas to emerge from their protective pupae cases. It is normal to see some adult fleas for up to 3 weeks after treatment. Flea pupae are protected from insecticides by their cocoons. They will continue emerging as adults over a period of 1-3 weeks. Once exposed to the insecticide residual, they will be eliminated.

Flea Prevention:

  • Have furry pets dipped and/or use a monthly topical flea and tick preventative (Examples: Frontline or Advantix).
  • Develop a plan with an MDE Pest Services professional to prevent and manage future flea issues.

Flea Identification & Issues


  • Fleas are dark in color & tiny (approximately 2.5mm long).
  • Fleas are attracted to movement and will jump onto your legs as you pass through the affected area. You can test an area by wearing a pair of tall white socks. The socks make it easier for you to see the tiny dark fleas.
  • They are usually found in carpet, in pet bedding, and on pets.

Damage to Health or Property:

  • Fleas feed on the blood of a living host (animal or human).
  • While fleas don’t necessarily cause any property damage, they can leave bites on the host, transmit diseases & cause tapeworms. If a pet is allergic to flea bites, you may notice constant scratching.
  • You may already know that fleas are believed to have caused the infamous Black Death (plague). Pets may also become anemic, and in severe cases the anemia may be fatal.

Information & Resources from Clemson University:

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