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Fire Ants

Fire Ant Services & Pricing

(Commercial and Residential Services Available)

Fire Ant Control Procedure:

  • We will visually inspect the infested area (usually outside), provide a free estimate for the treatment, spot-treat the mounds, and granulate the yard twice a year. The time it takes to complete the process and the cost of the treatment varies. These figures depend on the size of the treated areas and the extent of the infestation.
  • You should have your grass cut 2-3 days prior to inspection.
  • We will use spray and granules to treat the area of infestation. These chemicals can possibly be harmful if they come into contact with skin, are ingested, or are inhaled.

Fire Ant Prevention:

The best way to prevent future issues is to schedule regular visits from a pest control professional especially in the spring and summer months. There’s not much else you can do to prevent these little buggers from living in your yard. Develop a plan with an MDE Pest Services professional to prevent and manage future fire ant issues.

Fire Ant Identification & Issues


  • Fire ants are reddish in color, about the size of a grain of rice, and usually found outside. They live in mounds of dirt that can range in size.
  • Fire ants are especially active in the spring and summer months.

Damage to Health or Property:

  • Fire ants are strangely attracted to electrical equipment (air conditioning units & traffic lights) and often cause electrical malfunction.
  • Aside from that type of property damage, 1 in 200 people are highly allergic to the toxic venom fire ants inject into the skin. Symptoms may include swelling, hives, difficulty breathing, a racing heartbeat, fainting, and throat blockage. Severe cases are fatal; a victim in anaphylactic shock must be treated immediately.

Information & Resources from Clemson University:

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