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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bee Services & Pricing

(Commercial and Residential Services Available)

Carpenter Bee Control Procedure:

  • We will provide a visual inspection for bees, holes, and frass (wood shavings that the bees leave behind after drilling).
  • You can help by taking note of where the bee activity is occurring.
  • The cost of inspection is free, and the starting price for treatment is $150. The treatment cost will vary based on the size of the structure.
  • We use Cypermethrin to treat carpenter bee infestations. Cypermethrin can possibly be harmful if it comes into contact with skin, is ingested, or is inhaled.

Carpenter Bee Prevention:

Carpenter Bees are seasonal and can be prevented by early and continuous treatment. Develop a plan with an MDE Pest Services professional to prevent and manage future carpenter issues.

Carpenter Bee Identification & Issues


Carpenter bees and bumble bees look very similar. Carpenter bees love wood! The best way to identify carpenter bees is to catch them in the act of drilling a hole into the side of your wood structure or to see them emerge from a hole.

Damage to Health or Property:

  • Carpenter bees leave a small hole about the same diameter as their little bodies, which is about half an inch.
  • They do not eat the wood; they drill through the wood in search of a nice place to nest. If they are left to do as they please, year after year they will cause greater damage inside the walls of your structure. It is best to take care of them as soon as you recognize they start using your home for shelter.
  • A male carpenter bee is unable to sting you. He may try to fend you off by flying into you, but he cannot sting. The females can sting, but rarely do. A female will sting you only to defend herself if strongly provoked.

Information & Resources from Clemson University:

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