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Pre-Treatment for Termites

Pre-Treatment for New Construction Termite Services & Pricing

(Commercial & Residential Treatments Available)

Reasons for New Construction Termite Pre-Treatment:

In South Carolina, pre-treatment is required for any new construction. Written permission from the Department of Pesticide Regulation is required to waive any part of the treatment. The Department of Pesticide Regulation is governed by Clemson University. This is why you’ll find that we recommend reading credible South Carolina pest control resource material that comes directly out of Clemson University.

Termite Pre-Treatment Process:

  • We will come to the construction site and apply liquid termiticide to the soil. This creates a barrier to kill and prevent termites from attempting to enter a structure. The time it takes to pre-treat a new construction site depends on the size of the area being treated, but must take place before the concrete slab is poured.
  • Multiple applications are required to complete a pre-treatment. We will return to the location 2-3 times within 90 days.
  • The cost of the pre-treatment is based on the size of the area. The builder of the structure is usually the person responsible for making appointments and payments.

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